Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Only for Him alone

today i realized one thing

one thing that really change my mind

read this carefully

"only when you are trying to meet man's expectation, fear may come. but if it is God you want to satisfied, no fear will come"

well, we are in the midst of so called "pre-easter" ==> asking friends and family to come join us at church. Today as i wanted to give out the invitation, fear came upon me. 

In my mind, "What if i got rejection, what if this person grow to hate me, what if none of my friends want to come, what if.., what if.."

hmmm.. God suddenly asked me
"Who do you really want to satisfied? Whose name you want to glorify?"

i answered, "You"

He replied "Then what are you afraid of? I set your way and you are walking in the path I have given to you. Let the rest be Mine to do. My name is glorified when you be my hand in the world." 

You'll broke your heart if you are trying to meet man's expectation, cause there is no end to man's expectation. 

But there is a joyful heart when you do it for Him. 

Cause in the end it's His voice that i want to hear saying "Well done"

- Be Blessed -

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