Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tissue Paper Seller

Today my roommate and i went to Dhoby Ghaut MRT together. On the way we wanted to buy some tissue papers. 
Initially we wanted to go to 7-11, but on the street in front of peace center we saw a disabled old lady on a wheel chair selling tissue papers. 

So we decided to buy form her. 3 packs for 1 dollar as usual. So my roommate and i bought 1 set each. We were comparing the pictures on each pack until we feel something like paper at the back of a pack. We flip it and this is what we saw:
So she arranged the packs nicely so that we didn't see the paper until we wanted to use that pack. And I realized that for each set that we bought, there is one piece of paper with different bible verses. 

This is so cool! God is so cool. 

God can use everyone of us. Even an old disabled lady that is only selling tissue paper. 
You may think that her life is pitiful. Still working under the burning sun in her age. But you never know that she is one of God's hand. And who knows, how many life has received salvation by her selling these tissue paper.

Dear friend, God can use each and everyone of us. never think that you are not worthy to Him. 

 Matthew 9:37-38
"..... "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; pray before the Lord of harvest...."

Let us all pray so that we can also be hand of God..  That we can help Him to harvest.. 

My Prayer today
"God please bless that lady spiritually and physically. Give her strength and health. Let her be blessing to other people so that many will be saved."

- Be Blessed - 

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