Friday, March 13, 2009

Time to change

I've just talked to one of my beloved sister in S43. 

Love it, love it, love it... I really love to talk to her... ^^ I do enjoyed every moments I have with her.. ^^

I know that I am not a perfect person, neither a perfect member in church. I've got to change some of my habits and be a better person.

So these are some of the changes I have to do:
1. be more careful when joking around. I realized that sometimes I went over the limit of joking. So very sorry to all my friends that feel so.
2. use my mind more. I always use only my feeling.
3. Don't easily get upset.. 

hehehe... so this is so far that i've been trying to change and it is very hard. So, i really want to apologize to everyone for doing so much mistakes... T_T

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