Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Assessment Day

Finally, can breathe again.. ^^ 

Submission has kept me away from sleeping.. 

During the submission week, if you saw me, only my physic was there, my mind and spirit were else where. All I do during those days were just do work, do work, do work and nothing else.

When I was doing my work, He asked me, "Is all of your submission is really more important for you? Why did you kept on holding onto your own strength and not Mine?"

But He never left me alone. Even when I didn't really pay that much attention to Him, He's always there for me. A song from Chris Tomlin - "You Lifted Me Out" was put in my heart. I kept on singing it with all my heart.. And it's true, suddenly i had much much more energy to do everything. He really lifted me Out and set me dancing!

He cheered me up when I felt tired and wanted to give up for sleep. He made me stayed awake till everything is done. As I praise Him, His presence is there to refresh me.

So when you are perplexed and ready to give up, always remember that He's there to lift you up.

My Prayer those days:

"God, I am really sorry for not realizing that You are always there for me. From now on I will depend on Your strength only. I'll give You praise in everything I do. Love You.." 

Be Blessed

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