Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Break Time

right now i'm doing menswear for my fashion design project. And it starred to frustrate me. I am supposed to do 250 garments for men. ?
It's like juicing my brain to take every drop of creativity there. 100 garments for woman is already a challenge , but 250 for man???? (Let's be reasonable here, what kinds of garments a man can use?? shirt, t-shirt, jeans, shorts, jacket. in conclusion NOT MUCH)
This is like a never ending sketching. 
Well, today as I sketch, i listened to a sermon from the dearest Pst. Kong Hee. It was about the power of creativity and the law of abundance. so this is a short passage to what encourage me:

One of the greatest command JC has ever told is "FOLLOW ME". Many know Him as Yahweh, God, and Jehovah. But do you guys cautious that He is also Elohim. God of creativity. So us, as His people is destined to be creative people. 
The law of abundance is ability to produce more with less as we tune in with Him. Because as we tuned in with Him (spirit of creativity), we will also be creative. Creativity is able to produce more, even though we are given less or not enough space. 

So in this situation I was given less choice and space to move, but more product is expected. So what can I do?? TUNE IN WITH HIM.. ^^ 

My pray,
Dear JC, please open up heaven's gate and pour the spirit of creativity over all of my friends and I as the deadline of our assignment is already in front of our face. 

Be Blessed

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vision and Provision

For every vision that God has given to us, there is provision. No matter how impossible it is, as we believe in Him, it will come across. 
This week is morning prayer week in my church. And I really feel blessed by this meeting. 
My life was quite a mess for a month earlier. But after these several days of praying early in the morning, God has not only spoken, but done a lot of things in my life. Some of them even seems impossible for me. He really show me that vision and provision come in the same packet. ^^
There will never be vision without provision. 
If now you are in the place where everything feels dry and like God don't bless you, here is a verse from the bible.

"Seek and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened for you."

Sometime people tend to grouch and complain if they feel like God don't give them the provision, but the question is, do you seek Him and ask for it? Do you knock on the heaven's door and shout for God?? Do you really trust and believe in Him that He will provide the best for you??


Monday, February 9, 2009

Give A Chance

When a relationship doesn't go well, problems may come. Conflict may arise. And negative thought may come.

As we are a Christian, we are supposed to solve the problem according to the bible. 

We talk it out.

But sometimes after that the relationship may not be able to stay the same way it used to be.

Things are just not the same, heart that has been hurt, trust issue, etc. 

We may not talk and put the problems on the table again, but really, this is not the ending. 

I used to thought that not talking about it anymore is enough. But it is not. 

But now i realized that we also have to restore the love that has been there before. 

If you ask why, it is easy to answer. When we sin against God, we  are making "problems" in our relationship with God. Is God's heart hurt? Yea. Is there any trust issue?? Of course yea. But do God abandon you and give you less love?? NO. So if we are supposed to be transformed to be more and more like God, we have to learn how to restore the love that used to be there. 

The big question now is HOW??? "How can we love and trust people that hurt us once??"

There is only one simple answer to this question:

Give A Chance

How can we expect people to change when they see that we don't give a chance. And even though they have changed, we wouldn't be able to see it because we are departing ourself by building a wall between us and them. 

Dearest friend,
It doesn't matter how much verses from the Bible you know if you don't do it. It doesn't matter how many times you say that you can forget about it, if you don't give them a chance to show how much they have changed and ready to love you.

Be Blessed,



After a long time of using friendster blogging, i suddenly wanted to have a blogspot account. 

Wow, this blog is so much more complicated than the friendster blog. But I think blogsopt is more fun as in it has a lot more choice for the designs. 

So if you want to know my old blog, it is at

Hopefully I can master using this new blog soon. ^^