Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sun Ho

I've been spending my last 2 days watching sun's music video and looking through her pics. And WOW.. I'm so amazed by her...

And she is pst. Kong's wife.. Double WOW... ^^

Well, i felt a bit sad when i saw that some people gave some negative comments about her. They are saying like she is bringing the wrong image of a church. 

hmmm... all i can say is that "you can't see what good she do if you close your eyes"

 This is why i think she is the perfect role model!

1. She does dress like that but that doesn't make her unholy! 

2. She is the true salt and light. She is bringing God to the entertainment world and winning souls with her golden heart

If you want to criticize her, think this for yourself,
Does Jesus ever asked us to sit down and He will bring the lost to us or does He asked us to engage the culture? Do you know that many people are afraid to come to church because they think that they are unholy? because they see Christians being so judgmental to them. Because Christians looked down on them! what did JC do when He saw a prostitute? Did He condemn her or did he engaged her with the love of Christ? 

Sun is leading people towards Christ. She is doing the cultural mandate and she is a living testimony to all the people. She is showing the world that becoming an entertainer like her doesn't mean giving up her holiness. 

We are all called for different things in life cause we are the body of Christ. aren't us supposed to work together and support each other as the body of Christ? Sun is called in the entertainment industry. It is not an easy calling. She is standing still to glorify Him. Why would we condemn her when God asked us to support each other? 

- XOXO - 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Living like there is no tomorrow

Right now i am talking to my friends. We're talking about the end of the world. 

And we are all saying, "God, take me to heaven before the 666 time.."

well, as i was thinking about that i suddenly remember... "what if we are in heaven and looking to the world and see someone we know on earth struggling???"

what do you think? 

suddenly one of my friend said "i once thought that i wanted to live like there is no tomorrow"

Those words stuck in my mind

Actually I was asking God about how can I live my life to the fullest?

And God said, "that's the answer. Live like there is no tomorrow."

Live like tomorrow Jesus will come for the second time. 

I asked, "why?"

He asked me back, "How will you live your life is there is no tomorrow?"

And suddenly i knew the answer..

Think about it yourself. How would you live your life if there is no tomorrow.. Will you do your best or you will do the worst thing ever? 

- be blessed - 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

10 bad things and habit

1. i don't throw away anything. I always feel bad in throwing away something. I always thought that someday it can be used again. So i piled up a lot of junk that i just simply don't want to throw away. 

2. I love buying new handphone. I can easily be bored of using one phone and craved for a new one. Like right now i'm craving for n97 which my dad refused to buy for me. (but i'll find a way though.. ^^)

3. I love to buy make ups. Even tough i already have plenty and my friends thought i have more than enough already. 

4. I am soft toy collectors.. hmmm.. my parents often complain on how many dolls and soft toys i still keep until right now.. ^^
(these are only some of them, cause can't get them all together)

5. I have an irritating habit of continuously moving my feet and spinning a pen as i think (the pen often fall down and create some noise). I just can't stay still.. ^^

6. I LOVE to sleep... I sleep a lot... 

7. I am an original CD collector. (which pissed off my dad, cause he thinks buying original music CD is a waste of money.. But i simply love to buy CDs. I bought them without my dad knowing though. Until one day, he came into my room and realized how many CDs i have and started to scream.. hahahahahaha... )

8. I love to watch movies. On every holiday i spent 50% of my days watching DVD. From stupid drama to thriller movies. Even the DVD seller in Indo knows me. Cause i can buy around 30-50 DVDs in one time and i can finish everything in one week (this often makes me coral with my dad, because he thinks that watching movie all day long is an act of laziness)

9. I talk a lot. my roommates said that i have a quota of 75000 words per day. *so much more than average people*

10. I still have a lot more bad habits and things... hahahahaha.. eventually 10 is not enough... ^^


I promised one of my friend to post this on my blog..

So for the past 2 months (approximately) Pst Kong is preaching about marriage relationship. Basically the main objective is so that all the members will have strong marriage. 

So the sermon started in what is Marriage 

1 Corinthians 7:3
= marriage is giving exclusive right for each other.

The reason for getting married is to meet each other needs. So affair will happen when the needs are not met.
And as all of you know that man's and woman's needs are different. 

So Pst Kong started the first series of relationship by telling us the 5 basic needs of man and woman. These are the basic needs:

I'll start with woman's

1. Affection
affection symbolize: security, protection, comfort, and approval
Song Of Solomon 4:1-9

2. Conversation
base on research 89% of marriage broke because lack of communication
to satisfy this need, man must talk to his spouse for minimum of 15 hours/week
and this 15 hours must be intimate as in privately without intervention (even their child)
Conversation will help to:
=> Find out the needs of each other
=> Find out if you have meet each other's need
Philippians 2:4

3. Honesty and Openness 
Giving 100% trust
=> telling everything you know and also everything you think
without honesty and openness woman will feel insecure 
For man: you must tell your spouse everything, wether it is bad or good. 
=> woman got intuition and they are much more stronger than you think

4. Financial Support
this means enough money to support her life
1 Timothy 5:8 => man must support your family
financial support is one of the emotional need
woman would like to work because she loves to not because she has to

5. Family Commitment 
Every wives want their husbands to take lead of the family
what she wants:
=> Spend lots of time with the children (family quality time)
=> Proper parenting skills 
=> provide wise discipline 
      Ephesians 6:4 => don't make unreasonable rules
=> Explain rules to kids ==> explaining the reason
=> Learn how to handle anger

Man's needs

1. Sexual Fulfillment 
Don't get it wrong, this is for married couple
And for woman, it does matter for your spouse.. ^^

2. Recreational Companionship 
To have fun with him
for being the best-est friend and playmate 
be willing to spend time ==> 15 hours per week

3. Attractive Spouse 
1 Samuel 16:7
=> quoting from Pst. Kong "how many of you know that your spouse is not God?"
haha... yea, he is stimulated by his sight
what you look does matter
by taking care of your appearance, you are taking care of your husband
5 major areas: weight control, make up, hair style, clothes, cosmetic surgery

4. Domestic Support
Peace and quite at home 
Proverbs 17:1 
Man hates troubles at home
For man home is a place to relax 
how to maintain? make a list of weekly household duty and fair division of labor

5. Admiration
Ephesians 5:33
honest admiration brings motivation and confidence 
man needs his wive to be his no.1 fans 

Well, today i'm only going to post this one.. later when i got time, i'll try to finish the others.. 


- be blessed -

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I don't know how to open this post...

Really... I'm not kidding..

this is a question that came up to my mind today
"why can some of the new friends decided not to come in the very last minute?"

Then suddenly, the Holy Spirit reminds me of something 
something that maybe some of us don't remember

we have prayed for all the invitations. so that most of our friends would not reject our invitation. But what did you do after they said they wanted to come to church? 

Do we just stand there and wait for the day to contact all the new friends about meeting point? 

That is not the right way. As maybe some of us forget, 

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places."
(Ephesians 6:12)

So, what are we supposed to do? 
We are supposed to pray and bind every obstacles that may come across. 
For example: weather, laziness, work load, etc, etc, etc....
And also we must pray for them who come to be touched. not only come for once.

- be blessed -

Easter Day

Wow.. the easter drama is amazing. I always cried seeing my JC being crucified. although i was wearing my make up. i just can't seem to hold the tears, even though, i saw the same drama yesterday. 

So, today as i am being touched by the drama God took me back to 2 weeks ago. When we are having a morning prayer. That day (i forgot the exact day) as i have done praying all the the items, i was just talking to Him about the meaning of easter. Suddenly, He asked me to see around the room and said 

"my dear, see, when I see people like this, i never regret that I have died on the cross. not a single drop of blood I wanted back in my body because of all of you in this place"

I really cried that i remembered His word to me and at the same time seeing Him crucified for us.. For us..

this is the meaning of easter, knowing how painful it is for Him and how scared He is, but He never regretted that He saved us all. Do you know that He is suffering to death just for you and me???

So this is the challenge to all of you and me:
what do we do next after seeing our saviour did all of that for us? Do we live to the fullest? Do we walk with Him?

- be blessed -

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Only for Him alone

today i realized one thing

one thing that really change my mind

read this carefully

"only when you are trying to meet man's expectation, fear may come. but if it is God you want to satisfied, no fear will come"

well, we are in the midst of so called "pre-easter" ==> asking friends and family to come join us at church. Today as i wanted to give out the invitation, fear came upon me. 

In my mind, "What if i got rejection, what if this person grow to hate me, what if none of my friends want to come, what if.., what if.."

hmmm.. God suddenly asked me
"Who do you really want to satisfied? Whose name you want to glorify?"

i answered, "You"

He replied "Then what are you afraid of? I set your way and you are walking in the path I have given to you. Let the rest be Mine to do. My name is glorified when you be my hand in the world." 

You'll broke your heart if you are trying to meet man's expectation, cause there is no end to man's expectation. 

But there is a joyful heart when you do it for Him. 

Cause in the end it's His voice that i want to hear saying "Well done"

- Be Blessed -