Saturday, April 18, 2009

10 bad things and habit

1. i don't throw away anything. I always feel bad in throwing away something. I always thought that someday it can be used again. So i piled up a lot of junk that i just simply don't want to throw away. 

2. I love buying new handphone. I can easily be bored of using one phone and craved for a new one. Like right now i'm craving for n97 which my dad refused to buy for me. (but i'll find a way though.. ^^)

3. I love to buy make ups. Even tough i already have plenty and my friends thought i have more than enough already. 

4. I am soft toy collectors.. hmmm.. my parents often complain on how many dolls and soft toys i still keep until right now.. ^^
(these are only some of them, cause can't get them all together)

5. I have an irritating habit of continuously moving my feet and spinning a pen as i think (the pen often fall down and create some noise). I just can't stay still.. ^^

6. I LOVE to sleep... I sleep a lot... 

7. I am an original CD collector. (which pissed off my dad, cause he thinks buying original music CD is a waste of money.. But i simply love to buy CDs. I bought them without my dad knowing though. Until one day, he came into my room and realized how many CDs i have and started to scream.. hahahahahaha... )

8. I love to watch movies. On every holiday i spent 50% of my days watching DVD. From stupid drama to thriller movies. Even the DVD seller in Indo knows me. Cause i can buy around 30-50 DVDs in one time and i can finish everything in one week (this often makes me coral with my dad, because he thinks that watching movie all day long is an act of laziness)

9. I talk a lot. my roommates said that i have a quota of 75000 words per day. *so much more than average people*

10. I still have a lot more bad habits and things... hahahahaha.. eventually 10 is not enough... ^^

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