Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sun Ho

I've been spending my last 2 days watching sun's music video and looking through her pics. And WOW.. I'm so amazed by her...

And she is pst. Kong's wife.. Double WOW... ^^

Well, i felt a bit sad when i saw that some people gave some negative comments about her. They are saying like she is bringing the wrong image of a church. 

hmmm... all i can say is that "you can't see what good she do if you close your eyes"

 This is why i think she is the perfect role model!

1. She does dress like that but that doesn't make her unholy! 

2. She is the true salt and light. She is bringing God to the entertainment world and winning souls with her golden heart

If you want to criticize her, think this for yourself,
Does Jesus ever asked us to sit down and He will bring the lost to us or does He asked us to engage the culture? Do you know that many people are afraid to come to church because they think that they are unholy? because they see Christians being so judgmental to them. Because Christians looked down on them! what did JC do when He saw a prostitute? Did He condemn her or did he engaged her with the love of Christ? 

Sun is leading people towards Christ. She is doing the cultural mandate and she is a living testimony to all the people. She is showing the world that becoming an entertainer like her doesn't mean giving up her holiness. 

We are all called for different things in life cause we are the body of Christ. aren't us supposed to work together and support each other as the body of Christ? Sun is called in the entertainment industry. It is not an easy calling. She is standing still to glorify Him. Why would we condemn her when God asked us to support each other? 

- XOXO - 

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