Friday, March 13, 2009


Only one word to describe S43. 


We are family in Christ 

Today ko yon shared about the unity in our beloved cell group..
Yea, i really agree with him, this cell is a place where we are united for one purpose.
To glorify His kingdom together as a family.

"A place of agreement is a place of power" 

this is what a cell group supposed to be: a place of power

a place where every need is met and every sickness is healed. 
a place where we can all grow together and be encouraged when discouraged.
a place where new comers feel like home and accepted.

This is a place it should be. 

No one is perfect, so let everybody remember again about the purpose of this cell group and let us together make this place as it should be.. 

-be blessed-

PS: love you all bro and sis

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