Monday, November 16, 2009

Matthew 4 : The Temptation of Jesus

This is a reflection i got by reading this chapter of the bible. 
This is purely by my experience. I did not get this from a bible study class or anything. 

This bible chapter is mainly talking about the temptation of Jesus when he just finished fasting. 
I will be talking about the 2 first temptation. 

1. Matthew 4:4

"man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."(NKJV) 

The word live here doesn't literally means our physical life, but also our spiritual life. 
It is true that without the word of God, man will die spiritually. 

What does it mean by "die spiritually"??

- loosing your vision and focus of what God wants to do in your life.

- loosing the meaning of life. in this i meant u might have a certain goal in your life but you might not have the eternal meaning why you are doing so. 

- loosing eternal happiness. Happiness for being with God. U might have a great time partying or playing around with your friends or may also do a lot of worldly fun things, but after a while, you will be alone and thinking how empty is your life once the party is over.

- loosing the meaning of God's words. In this spiritual dryness time, u may understand the surface of the word of God, but not in depth and definitely not being planted in your heart. Because there is no Holy Spirit in you.

- and the most horrible thing is: LOOSING THE PRESENCE OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE. No matter how God shout to tell us what to do, we can never hear Him. 

as far as i know "die spiritually" is all about LOOSING SOMETHING PRECIOUS. 

Why would God let His people "die spiritually" or have "spiritual dryness"???

- God's greatest gift for man is the gift to have our own will. Many people choose to take the wrong way and ignoring God when they can still hear Him. one day they will realized that they can't hear God anymore. 

- Sometimes through this, many people actually realized how life without God is miserable. It is true that "We usually don't appreciate what we have until we lost it".

- Through this people like me can actually encourage other people facing same problem and also can share this to other people so that they won't fall into the same mistakes.

How to get out of this problem??

- mean what you say, pray, and worship.

- if God tell you to change, do it NOW. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE

- you have to know the law of sowing and reaping. If u drag yourself away from God, how can you go back to Him???? so you have to realized that you have to keep on pulling yourself towards God. There will be a lot of voices saying "you are not worthy anymore etc etc etc...". Don't believe it! God has paid for ALL of your sins. 

- "Ora Et Labora". I don't know which language this came from, but it means, work and pray. You can't just pray, pray, pray and hoping God to do all the things. You have to ACT. Pull yourself towards God.

2. Matthew 4:5-7

In verse 5 and 6 it is shown that both satan and Jesus knows how much God loves Jesus. He (Jesus)  also knows that God will protect Him if He ever fall. But this doesn't mean He will voluntarily fall into temptation and just let God help Him. 

This is an character we must all have. Why do we want to fall into temptation hoping that God will pull us back up. By falling into temptation like this, you are voluntarily dragging yourself away from God. This is not the right attitude. 

Well in conclusion i must say that if you know that you are one of this people who has done wrong, come back to God. He has been calling upon you, but you just might not hear what He said.. Come with an open heart. Come with CONFESSIONS of your sins and your desire to come back to Him.. 

There in His sanctuary you will hear a voice "Come my dear child.. Welcome Home.."

Be Blessed...

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