Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reasons to Praise

This might be the worst week of my life as a student in NAFA.. 

super exhausted. 

if u r at the same class with me and see me everyday, u may know what is happening. 

some of my friends are very concerned with my stress condition. 

I'm emotionally very tired. 

YET i still have reason to praise. 


Among all the bad things i just realized there are so many reasons to be thankful of.

1. Thank God, I'm still standing and not quitting. 

2. Thank God, He is still holding me and walk with me.

3. Thank God that my parents are very supportive. 

4. Thank God I have a friend like Yan Hsiang. Who is always helping me and cheering me up.

5. Thank God there is Hussein, a friend who never fail to make my day full of smile.

6. Thank God for all the leaders in church. Ko Yoh, Pst. Aries, Pst. Kong. They are the inspiration of my life

7. Thank God I have leader like Ko Yon, who always give me the best consoling. One of the leader that always hold me when i'm drowning. 

8. Thank God I have Ika, who is always there to share in good times and in bad times.

9. Thank God, He put one of His daughter STEPHANIE NG to be in the same class with me. To be the best-est friend ever.

10. Thank God I have Mio and Siska. We always have fun together.

11. Thank God for the cell group He has put me in. 

12. Thank God for giving me reason to live.

13. Thank God for Limink, Q pen, and Jemima. They are the reason i kept on doing what i do.

14. Thank God for Gary Goh, that through him i learnt the lesson of life. 

but most of all 

15. THANK GOD, YOU CAME INTO MY LIFE. change me to be a better person and giving me another chance when i'm falling down. 

thank You Lord,

thank You

thank You

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