Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's Up? ^^

How have u been?? 

been so super busy for a couple of weeks. no time to play around. ^^ 

I'm going back to SG on july, 11th. (about 2 weeks time) 

to be honest, right now I don't know which one i like better, working or studying. 

What i do know is i miss everyone in singapore a lot. I miss church, my dearest Ika (haha), Stef, Ko Yon, Ming, Lala, S43, school friends, etc etc etc etc etc.

But here in Indo is where my family belongs. Haven't got time to catch up with everyone yet. If only i have 3 months of holiday. That'd be great. Beside that, i think i'm getting attached with the people i worked with. They are so very generous and nice people that i don't want to lose contact with. 

Time runs so fast. Hope i can catch up with its rhythm. 

Miss and will miss you all 

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